Digital TV Aerials – Freeview

With the Digital Switchover already well underway in the UK, quite alot of households will find themselves with TV Aerial systems that are simply not strong enough or adequate for the reception of digital frequencies. Many installers would tell homeowners that they have to get a new aerial. This however is not always the case. There are many factors to consider.

Mediastream can give free advice and quotes on digital aerial upgrades, repairs and servicing. We are poor reception specialists and can often get our customers a signal in areas with poor signal strength.

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Communal IRS Systems (Shared Dish Systems)

Mediastream can provide various options for the design and installation of Communal IRS Systems. No systems is too big or too small for Mediastream and installations can be tailored to the needs of the end user.

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Sky HD & Foreign Satellites

With the world of High Definition TV now an everyday used service, Mediastream can help in supplying and installing the latest technology and receivers for High Definition TV. By using an independent  Sky Aginstaller, not only do you get a quick no hassle installation, but it can usually be installed within 5 days.

Mediastream can offer this service to you today, and the best part is that you do not have to deal with Sky at all. We do all the boring stuff.

With the UK being such a diverse population from all over the world, Mediastream can supply and install equipment to receive European TV channels and other foreign satellites.

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Certain parts of the UK is subject to RF Blackspots. These are areas where terrestrial frequencies are very weak and limited or no Digital Freeview is available. Freesat is a fantastic alternative.

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Audio Visual Systems & Sollutions

Audio Visual systems can be extremely complicated and confusing. Mediastream’s philosophy is to keep things simple. We provide installation solutions for the installation of flat screen TVs (Plasma, LCD and LED) through to commercial applications such as projectors and screens in offices, waiting rooms, hotels etc.

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CCTV & Alarm Systems

Security is essential for every home and business. Alarm systems are great to alert you and the police if someone has unlawfully entered your premises. Mediastream Security offers a range of products and solutions.

CCTV is a great alternative and / or addtion to an alarm system. If set up and installed to the correct spesifications, the evidence generated by CCTV is crucial to the Police and Justice Courts to apprehend and charge criminals.

CCTV systems is not only useful in security applications, but is widely used in every day running and surveillance of shop floors, warehouses and factories.

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Electrical Services

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