IPTV allows TV signals to be delivered over the internet network, which means you won’t need Freeview boxes or satellites to enjoy your favourite show. Ideal for hotels and bed and breakfasts where every room has its own TV set, IPTV can give you more control over the transmission of particular programmes and specific channels. All you have to do is connect a TV or PC to a network outlet and you are free to watch whatever you like. You’ll have full control over the types of channels that can be viewed and you’ll have access to live broadcasts, catch-up TV and video on demand.

The experts at Mediastream can install IPTV systems quickly without causing disruption to your business. They have been trained to get the job done quickly and efficiently without sacrificing on quality of workmanship and service. Contact the team if you are keen to get your IPTV system up and running today! We will provide a free consultation service to assess the needs of your enterprise and come up with a cost effective quote that suits your budget. If you come across any problems with your system further down the line just get in touch and we’ll send someone out to deal with the repair work as soon as we can.

We boast a quick turnaround and can often get the whole project completed in 3 days but we’ll only leave once you are happy with the service and work we’ve provided. We pride ourselves on our customer service and are keen to ensure that all of our clients receive the best from the best.