Digital aerials can be a confusing and complicated subject to say the least. The days where you could buy a cheap aerial and point it roughly in the right direction are now gone. Calibrated equipment is needed to establish the strongest signal strength, ensuring there are as little errors in the signal as possible and that all the frequencies are balanced and at the right levels.

The myth that says the stronger the signal the better is just that, a myth. Many cowboy installers will sell unnecessary amplifiers and equipment to increase profits, but having too much signal can cause the same problem as having too little signal.

Mediastream’s installers will electronically align your digital aerial and ensure the best position is achieved by only using industry leading signal analysers.

Mediastream Aerials will ensure that the correct type of aerial is installed for the signal area you live in, as the choice of aerial can greatly affect signals. Our installation engineers will ensure the right combination of equipment is used in poor signal areas to ensure that you get the best digital TV reception. We are specialists in installing in poor / weak signal areas, repairing and replacing storm and wind damaged aerials and equipment and also vandalised aerials and equipment. We will also provide any necessary paperwork for insurance claims.

Mediastream Aerials works closely with industry leading suppliers to guarantee the best quality equipment is installed at the customer’s house or business.

Our installations engineers are trained and have great experience in installing in different areas in Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire, Essex, Hertfordshire and London. Apart from transmitter knowledge and knowing where the strongest digital TV service will transmit from, our attention to detail in installations is greatly complimented. We understand that the customer does not want cabling trailing all over their property, especially the front of the building. We do our very best to hide cabling, run cables through lofts and cavity walls or even chase them into plaster work should the customer wish.

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