Communal IRS Systems (Shared Dish Systems)

Integrated Reception Systems, commonly known as Communal Dish Systems, are mostly installed in apartments and blocks of flats. This is where one dish and one digital aerial feeds anything from two flats upwards. The systems can be designed to feed literally hundreds of apartments and flats.

The main advantage of a communal IRS system is that there is only one dish and one aerial to maintain, and if designed and installed correctly, the system requires minimal maintenance.

This means that the development is kept clear of many dishes and aerials individually installed by residents and tenants. Foreign satellites can also be integrated with a Communal Dish and Aerial System. This means that residents can usually enjoy a full Freeview, Freesat, Freesat HD and Sky HD service alongside a foreign satellite to provide channels from Europe, America or the Far East.

Mediastream specialises in the supply, design and installation of Communal IRS Systems. This can be on a one off basis or on an ongoing contract basis. No installation is too big or too small and our installations team is always up to date with the latest technology and products. In addition Mediastream Aerials only install systems that are put together with industry leading equipment such as Triax, Fracarro, Vision and Spaun.

Communal IRS systems can also be designed and installed for housing developments, schools, colleges, hotels and leisure centres.

In some cases, especially in poor reception or conservation areas, satellite dishes and digital aerial systems can not be installed on site or close to where the system is operating. As co-axial networks are very limited in terms of long cable runs and are usually only effective in cable runs up to 75 meters, fibre optic networks are a great alternative.

Fibre optic systems can operate over very long distances and have virtually no signal loss at all. A typical example is that an aerial and a dish can be hidden somewhere in a field 3 miles from where the IRS system operates, and by distributing the signals via Fibre Optics, virtually no signal is lost.

We offer various funding solutions in terms of design and installation of Communal IRS Systems. This means that a system can be designed and installed where there is no financial outlay upfront. Contact Us for more details.