Aerial and Satellite Installation Maidenhead

Maidenhead audio visual systems

Whether you are a commercial or residential customer living in Maidenhead, Mediastream can offer the perfect solution for all of your satellite and aerial needs – all for a reasonable price. Based in nearby High Wycombe, we are a local company who can complete the task set within an average of just three days and will talk you through the stages of how the installation process works. As our fittings can be done with the minimum of fuss and can be discretely placed on the commercial or residential property, it means that none of the rustic charm of Maidenhead will need to be sacrificed. We take pride in our customer service and the engineer assigned to the job will give you their mobile number in order to stay in touch.

Maidenhead Aerial Installation

An aerial installation in Maidenhead is a thorough job that can only be carried out by professionals. Here at Mediastream we look forward to supporting you from the job’s start to its finish. Our team of professional engineers are trained to the highest level of working with aerial systems and we will talk you through the process. Once the job has been completed from our side, we will only leave the site when you understand how the new system operates. As well as new installations for aerials and digital TV, Freeview and Freeview HD equipment, Mediastream will also be on site to correct any faults, no matter which company originally fitted the system.

Mediastream also offer upgrades to existing aerial systems and can replace any current aerial, which will then be recycled. Similar to the upgrades are the retrofit or new build options which are offered largely for the commercial market. The retrofit sees Mediastream offer a free survey and assessment before running the system by carrying out all of the cabling and electrical-fittings. A new build is for a new construction site where Mediastream can offer advice on cabling and complete all of the necessary electrical fittings and aerial installations.

Maidenhead Sky/Satellite Installation

Maidenhead’s proximity to London makes it ideal for commercial properties such as hotels and pubs to lease out rooms for customers visiting the nation’s capital. Mediastream are able to fit the Sky or satellite package that you desire, whether for commercial or residential customers and also can install Freesat and Freesat HD in poor signal areas where customers are unable to receive satellite programming. As well as fitting dishes into commercial properties such as hotels, Mediastream can also install IPTV into hotels which allow television services to be broadcast across an internet network.

As Mediastream also work with an approved Sky agent, not only can we fit the dish for your property but you do not have to talk to Sky to install the channels you want. Whether you require Sky, Sky HD or Sky Multi-Room, we can have these installed for you on your satellite dish system and unlike other firms, we can guarantee the entire job. Mediastream are happy to provide a wide range of satellite dishes for the consumer to pick up a variety of different channels and broadcasts. The dishes include the likes of Euro Bird and Nova, while traditional types of receivers such as Gmax or Humax can also be fitted. To find out more about the Sky and satellite installation services that Mediastream can offer residential and commercial customers in Maidenhead, contact Mediastream immediately and see what we can do.